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Ransoms Sustainability Policy

We are in the process of introducing even more peat free composts to our range and phasing out growing media containing peat. We work closely with suppliers who offer peat-free alternatives and always try to source the best possible growing media.

Our aim is to reach zero percent peat free growing products, in line with the UK government ban on composts containing peat, by 2024. Our range of peat free compost has already increased substantially, and we are encouraging customers to make that switch with us.

Carrier options
We always try to offer our customers a variety of sustainable options to carry their purchases.
When a customer does not have a bag, we offer a biodegradable plastic bag free with purchases. Our durable Ransoms hessian shopper can be purchased at the tills for £3.50. This is a sturdy, reusable option with a long-life.
In line with the Jersey Government plastic law, we will be introducing a ‘Bag for Life’.

In addition, we offer ‘second-life’ options in the form of cardboard boxes at the tills and plastic pot tray holders, which our plants arrived in, can be found in the plant area as well as at the tills.

Sustainable products and displays
Our buyers try to source products that are kind to our planet in various ways. We sell soap & shampoo bars without packaging and greeting cards without plastic sleeves. We also stock items made from sustainable bamboo or cork, and items like garden furniture and kitchenware made from recycled ocean plastic.

Many of our products contain the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) logo which guarantees the wood used has come from forests managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment, and that the trees harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate natural.

We have also reduced our ready to use feed and weed products, as concentrates are a more conscious choice when considering plastic packaging.

We are an eco-minded company, and this translate not only to our products but also to our shop displays. Our visual merchandiser especially holds ‘waste not, want not’ at heart and sources display pieces from charity shops and other businesses that have closed down. With perhaps a new lick of paint, items will be given a new life at Ransoms.

Other sustainable implementations:

Wooden pallets, which many of our goods arrive on, go back to be reused where possible or are collected by a local company to be made into kindling and wood mulch.

All cardboard which is not offered to customers at the tills is sent for recycling.

Our plant waste is kept in its own skip and then taken to the island composting site, which is then to be used at a later date.

The batteries we use on site are collected and recycled through an island-wide battery recycling scheme. Customers can drop used household batteries into the collection tubes near the tills and in the sundries department.

Energy and water usage
We have converted the majority of our light fittings to LED to reduce energy usage.

In our outdoor plant area we have We have introduced a new ‘Flood Trays’ to help conserve and reduce water consumption. We make use of our water butt when we can.

Raising awareness
We use in-store signage to inform and encourage our customers to make more sustainable purchases. Signage is also used to make customers aware of plants which encourage and contribute to biodiversity by using, for example, the RHS Perfect for Pollinators logo.

In our wild bird care area we stock products which promote caring for other wildlife as well as birds, such as hedgehog houses, bee hotels and squirrel boxes.

On our social media we regularly provide tips and information on various topics such as biodiversity, wildlife care and sustainability.

We try to source as many plants and products from British nurseries, with Brittany nurseries as the next closest area to source from. This to cut down our carbon footprint.

We only work with reputable suppliers from across the UK and Europe. All take risks to plant health very seriously. We have a highly skilled Plant Area team, who work hard to monitor for pests and diseases, and to ensure that the right steps are taken should anything be identified as a risk.

Food, beverages and packaging
The food in our tearoom is all prepared in-house, with many of the ingredients sourced locally.
We use paper straws and for take-away we use recycled cardboard containers and drink cups which are biodegradable and compostable.

The garden centre offers a free filtered water station for our customers to refill their bottles and are proud to be on the global ReFill map.

Did you know?

We now sell our gift cards online for home delivery anywhere in Jersey, Channel Islands