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Environmental Policy

Our Environment, Our Island

We are natural recyclers and we re-use many of our displays. We use items found at auctions and charity shops to form much of what and how we display. We don’t throw much away.

Where possible we source our plants from suppliers that use peat free composts
and advise our customers where we can to use the same.

We believe in our little island and its huge heart. We want the best for Jersey
and those that live here by advising the best solution for their needs that
will help themselves and their own environment.

We recycle, reduce and reuse where ever possible
Our green waste going to the local compost site where it is composted
and used back on the island.

We reuse our cardboard boxes where possible for customers.

We ask customers to use and take our plastic tray inserts.

Many of our shop fittings are recycled from second-hand items – walk around
and look!

Ransoms Social Responsibility
Ransoms sponsors the All Island Garden Competition held by the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society to encourage people all over the island to garden, thus improving health, happiness and well-being.

We sponsor many shows for the local kennel club.
We also support our own Parish with flowers and compost so they can
plant they can plant up their containers and planters to brighten the Parish
Where we can we do support schools, in events and activities.

Ransoms Tearoom & Restaurant
have for some years produced not only vegan food, but also a great range of vegan cakes.

Raise funds for both Comic Relief and various other events.

The Potting Shed
Chooses different charities and raise funds alternately.


Did you know?

We now sell our gift cards online for home delivery anywhere in Jersey, Channel Islands