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Environmental Policy

At Ransoms we strive to minimise our impact on the local environment, which is a very specific and unique Island and where we can we advise our customers on green alternatives and best way of improving their own environments. 


  • We support numerous local charities with a specific interest on those that cross into horticulture and environmental matters.
  • We strive to use low impact materials and many of our fixtures and fittings come from recycled materials sourced locally.
  • All of our carrier bags are biodegradable and have a natural life span of two to three years.
  • Our cardboard is collected for recycling and we use a green waste skip for plant waste that is then taken to the Island composting site.
  • We buy all wood items where possible from sustainable and managed sources.
  • We do not sell fur products or fur trim items.
  • We re-use as many items as we can on site.
  • Peat free compost is promoted and sold where ever possible.
  • Over the last few years we have reduced our energy consumption considerably.

Did you know?

We now sell some product lines online for home delivery.