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COVID Prevention Measures at Ransoms Garden Centre

  • Hand sanitizer stations are positioned at entrance of building and available in all staff congregation areas.

  • Staff instructed to wash hands / sanitize regularly throughout the day.

  • Staff will keep their distance from customers where possible.

  • Staff are given the option to wear masks if they feel safer doing so.

  • Till positions shielded by Perspex screens to prevent customers and staff breathing on each other while paying for goods.

  • A Trolley / Basket sanitizer station is situated near the entrance to allow customers to sanitize their trolley or basket handles before use.

  • Shared touch points at the tills cleaned daily and wiped down during the day with anti-septic wipes.

  • The use of contactless card or phone payments encouraged over the use of cash.

  • If cash offered staff will inform customers that “Credit or Debit Cards are our preferred method of payment if you have them” but we will take cash if this is the only option.

  • Restrooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each morning.

  • Restrooms are always stocked with hand soap and paper hand towels are provided for drying hands with a bin for their disposal.

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