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Watch You Back! Campaign with the Melanoma Fund

By Ransoms | 5th June 2021 | 2 min read

Watch Your Back! is a sun protection campaign for gardeners and horticulturists. The aim is to raise awareness of skin cancer, by promoting the benefits of good sun protection and regular skin checking habits.
Those who spend lots of time outdoors can underestimate the risk of accumulated sun exposure. However, skin cancer has reached epidemic levels, and with incidence rising rapidly each year, developing healthy habits have never been more important.

Although we are all vulnerable to the effects of the sun, gardeners tend to spend a lot of time outdoors and many can underestimate the damage caused by UV light.

At Ransoms we protect our Outdoor Plant Department team by providing sunscreen and encouraging the wearing of hats and plenty of hydration.
Our outdoor team themselves are very aware of the risks and throughout the year can be seen wearing hats to protect themselves even with low levels of UV.

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