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Trees in Jersey

By Ransoms | 24th February 2021 | 5 min read

Ransoms has a large and expert outdoor plant department in Jersey. Our friendly staff will guide and advise you on the best trees for planting in Jersey.

New trees are now in. 
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Tips for planting young trees:

Dig a hole roughly twice the size of the pot and back fill with some general purpose compost. We recommend also planting with mycorrhizal fungi to allow the roots to grow faster, increase nutrient uptake and increase establishment. The top soil of the pot should be at about ground level. Water well and firm in, making sure there are no air pockets. If the tree is in an exposed, windy site use a stake and tie to keep it steady for the first few years whilst it gets established. If there is danger of rabbit then put a guard around the trunk.

Water the planting hole prior to adding the tree to encourage the roots to search for water deeper and prevent the tree drying out during the first season. Young trees will need to be watered in the first season, especially if planted in the spring. A full watering can twice a week will help the tree put strong roots down, more if the weather is dry. Trees planted in the autumn should require less water as the roots will have had the winter to settle in. Potted trees are likely to need more frequent watering, especially in hot weather.

Trees do not need fertiliser unless the soil is particularly poor or they are kept in a container. If so, a general liquid fertiliser applied  in February or March before spring growth is ideal.

If planting in a lawn keep the grass away from the trunk as the grass will out compete the tree for water and nutrients and keep it free from weeds. A good mulch of bark chippings or compost around the base of the tree will reduce competition from grass and weeds. Do not apply weed killer such as glyphosate around young trees as it could kill them!

Occasional light pruning and pinching out of growing tips will enhance the tree shape. Many trees, including ornamentals, can be pruned hard in the winter to restrict their size. Apple and pears can be pruned at any time of the year; stone fruit, e.g. plums and cherries, are best pruned in late summer. Pruning off tips in late June/July will encourage flower and fruit buds the following year; winter pruning encourages more vegetative growth. Trained fruit trees (especially step overs and espaliers) should have vertical growth spur pruned back regularly. Prune off unproductive ‘feathers’ (lover shoots) on fruit tree stems and remove any sucks that may appear from the base.

Trees for attracting wildlife:

Trees for bark and foliage colours:

We stock a range of fruit trees many of which are available in dwarf and patio rootstocks for smaller gardens and patio containers.

For the best young trees for planting in Jersey, please visit our store in St. Martin!

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