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Plant of the Month: Winter flowering Jasmine

By Ransoms | 1st February 2024 | 3 min read

Winter flowering Jasmine is deciduous perennial which flowers from November to March. It is a tough, grow anywhere shrubby climbing plant, which will both climb and also tumble down over a wall.

This winter form of Jasmine always flowers yellow. Its Latin name is Jasminum nudiflorum, which means naked flowers. The Latin name is describing the flowers on bare branches which appear ahead of the foliage. Winter flowering Jasmine is fully hardy to H5 and when mature grows up to 3m tall and similar in width, with arching branches which will create a mound. Although commonly described as a climbing plant, it has no tendrils and is not very self supporting; it is more of shrubby scrambler than a climber. It has long, arching branches which will go over a fence or wall. It can be trained or tied in  to cover a structure. 

Winter flowering Jasmine is deciduous with dark green leaves, which appear after flowering around April lasting to around October. The leaves tend to be sparse. Unlike other Jasmines, (not all of which are fully hardy) it is not scented. In common with many climbing plants, Winter flowering Jasmine is vigorous and grows relatively quickly.

Because the leaves are sparse, it can look a bit untidy when not in flower. To improve this, plant with an evergreen shrub or an evergreen climber such as Ivy. As a combination, Ivy and Jasmine are tough and tolerant of soil types, and semi shade and would be ideal for a difficult spot in the garden, such as a north-facing wall. It is also suitable for growing in a coastal garden, so perfect for our Jersey climate.

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