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Plant of the Month: Viburnum

By Ransoms | 10th January 2023 | 2 min read

Viburnum is a stunning winter flowering shrub. It offers masses of beautiful white flowers that emerge from pink buds during December, lasting through to spring against dark-green foliage. Viburnum also showcases blue-black fruits that attract foraging birds. If you’re looking for a shrub that will brighten up your garden during the winter months, this is a strong contender. Plus, it’s an evergreen hedge.

This evergreen is perfect for our windy, exposed island of Jersey. It can be placed in sun to full shade, in normal or moist (not wet) soils, and withstands coastal exposure as well as inland exposure.

As a hedge
Viburnum hedge plants make a fantastic informal hedge and can be left to grow in mounds or trimmed to shape.

As said before this plant bears fruits which are perfect for garden birds, and the thicket provides excellent shelter. This plants as a hedge will not only be a gift to yourself, but also to our wildlife.

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