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Plant of the Month: Rhododendron

By Ransoms | 4th April 2023 | 3 min read

These acid soil loving plants bring stunning early colour to the Spring to Summer garden. There is truly a Rhododendron for everyone, in almost every colour, and they are relatively easy to take care of given they are planted properly.
Planting should take place in March, April, or October when temperatures are still mild. Dig in plenty of acidic organic material like leafmould, decomposed chopped bracken, composted tree bark or pine/spruce needles. Don’t just add it to the planting hole, make sure everything is mixed in well throughout the surrounding soil and it is well aerated.

Rhododendrons prefer to be in a spot with dappled light and to be given rainwater as most tap water can be too rich in calium. In fact they love rainwater so much, they do best in places with high rainfall. In late winter or early spring, an application of general fertiliser such as fish, blood and bone or Vitax Q4 is beneficial.

There is a wide array of variants and colours, each more beautiful than the next. They are perfect for gifting as you’ll always find someone’s favourite colour. Thre are also varieties suited to pots, and we will happily recommend the correct pot and compost, and then we can even pot them for you, ready to gift or just take home.

Here are a few of the spectacular Rhododendrons we stock.

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