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Plant of the Month: Peony

By Ransoms | 8th April 2022 | 3 min read

The peony is a symbol of wealth and prosperity and is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in China. Historically, peonies were grown and enjoyed by Chinese emperors and other important people. Bringing these generous herbaceous perennials into your garden now will mean you have all summer to enjoy their gorgeous blooms.

Not only lovely to look at on its bush, they lend themselves perfectly as cut flowers. Bring them into your home by displaying them in a vase.
The Japanese have mastered displaying peonies with the art of Ikebana, but they look just as beautiful in any old vase. Here some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing:

In our outside plant area you will find over 20 different types of peonies. They start from £12 up to £39, though most varieties are in the £14 region.
Here are some of our favourites and what they look like:

The first three are classics and go especially well together, from left to right: Karl Rosenfield, Sarah Bernhardt, Shirly Temple.

Next are some unusual colourations for the adventurers. From left to right: Kinkaku, Purple Spider, Alertie.

A great option for patios or balconies is the Madrid Patio, a lovely white flower with interesting shape:

You will find all our peonies in the outside plant area. If you need any help choosing the right peony for your garden, our team is ready to help you. Just pop in any time, we’re open Mon – Sat, from 9am to 6pm.

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