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Plant of the Month: Dahlias

By Ransoms | 6th July 2024 | 4 min read

Dahlias! Those glorious summer icons, with their vibrant blooms and statuesque presence, are a guaranteed way to add pizzazz to your garden. Few flowers can match the sheer exuberance of the Dahlia. These showstoppers, with their flamboyant blooms and impressive stature, bring a touch of theatrical flair, offer a whole host of benefits, making them a firm favourite among gardeners.

A Long-Lasting Display:

Unlike many summer blooms that fizzle out quickly, Dahlias are renowned for their extended flowering season. From late July right through to the first frosts, these beauties will keep your borders and pots brimming with colour. With a little deadheading (removing spent blooms), you can encourage even more flowers throughout the season.

Cut flowers that will keep on giving:

There’s a delightful secret to Dahlias: cutting their blooms for indoor arrangements doesn’t harm the plant, it actually encourages more flowers! Regularly snipping blooms throughout the season prompts the plant to produce even more blooms. To ensure your cut Dahlias enjoy a long vase life, wait until the flowers are fully open before cutting. Finally, for the freshest and longest-lasting displays, avoid cutting blooms that have brown petals at the base. This is a tell-tale sign the flower is a bit past its prime and won’t last as long in your home.

From Tubers to Triumph:

Traditionally, Dahlias are grown from tubers, which are planted in the spring. However, for those short on time or new to gardening, pre-grown Dahlias are a fantastic option. Available early summer onwards, these plants come bursting with blooms and ready to transform your garden instantly.

Caring for Your Dahlias:

Thankfully, Dahlias are relatively low-maintenance. Here are some key points to ensure success:

  • Sunshine is Key: Dahlias are sun-loving creatures, so choose a well-drained spot that receives at least 6 hours of sunshine a day.
  • Feed and Water: During dry spells, give your Dahlias a good drink. Regular feeding with a general fertiliser will keep them happy and blooming their best.
  • Deadheading Delights: Regularly remove spent blooms to promote new flower formation. Simply snip off the flower stem just below the faded bloom.
  • Staking for Support: Taller varieties might require staking to keep them upright, especially when laden with blooms. Bamboo canes are a simple and effective solution.

With their low-maintenance nature and dazzling blooms, pre-grown Dahlias are a fantastic choice for gardeners of all levels. So come pick your favourites, and get ready to enjoy a summer and autumn bursting with colour and dahlia delight!

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