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Pet food in Jersey

By Ransoms | 29th July 2021 | 4 min read

At Ransoms we truly care about all animals and we know how important the pets in our lives are. Jersey people love their pets and want the best for them, that is why we stock a large range of pet food for all animals and make sure to provide the best advise and service possible for when you visit us in store.

Dog food

We love dogs. We allow them in store, and are also involved with The Company of Dogs.
Dog food brands we stock are:
Lily’s Kitchen, James Wellbeloved, Barking Heads, Royal Canin, Billy+Margot, Country Hunter, AATU, Natures Menu, Arden Grange, Pedigree, Bakers, Fish For Dogs, Chappie, True Instinct, Hilife, Dr. John, Applaws, Simpsons Premium, Ceasar, Nature’s Deli, Forthglade, Nature’s Variety and Hills.

We love spoiling our pets, when you bring your pet to Ransoms they will surely be offered a treat from one of our pet department team members.
Some of the treat and natural chew brands for dogs we carry are:
Earth Animal, No hide, Pet Munchies, Natural Eats, Smart Bones, Crave, Hale & Hearth, Wagg, Misfits, Lily’s Kitchen, Pedigree, 8in1, Greenies, Bakers.

Cat food

We love cats just as much as any other pet and carry a large range of cat food for the as well. Cat food brands we stock are:
Lily’s Kitchen, James Wellbeloved, Meowing Heads, Royal Canin, AATU, Natures Menu, Arden Grange, Applaws, Simpsons, Felix, Gourmet, Whiskas, Fish for Cats, Sheba, Purina, Hilife, Hills, Perfect Fit and Simpsons Premium.

Some of the treat brands for cats we stock are: Dreamies, Felix, Whiskas, Lily’s Kitchen, Natural Eats, Hilife.

Small Animals

Of course we can’t forget about our smallest companions. Besides all the hay and other natural bedding rodents enjoy munching on, we also stock a range of food brands for them. Some of them are: Burgess, Mr. Johnson’s, Twitch, Country Values, Beaphar, Tiny Friends Farm and Rosewood.

For our little friends we have the following treats: Critter’s Choice, Rosewood and Tiny Friends Farm.

Pet food at Ransoms Jersey, Channel Islands

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