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Pet food and pet supplies in Jersey

By Ransoms | 24th February 2021 | 8 min read

Ransoms has a large pet food and pet supplies department in Jersey. Whether you keep a dog, cat, budgie or rabbit, your pets are part of your family and you’ll want the very best for them. Here in our garden centre you’ll find all you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.

The Essentials

Bedding: A good night’s sleep is as important for your pet as it is for you. Sawdust and hay for mice, guineapigs and rabbits, or cosy padded beds for cats and dogs – it’s all here in our garden centre.

Food: The way to your pet’s heart is through his stomach. In the range in our garden centre you’ll find a diet tailor-made for his needs, whether young or old, active or inactive, or a sensitive or fussy eater.

Health products: Keep your pet in tip-top condition with vitamin supplements and effective regular treatments for everything from mites to worms from the range in our garden centre.

Toys and entertainment: pets in cages such as hamsters, birds or rabbits thrive on plenty of daily fun. We’ve got a huge range of toys for them, as well as balls, catnip mice and tugging toys for dogs and cats.


You want to do the best by your dog, keeping him as happy and healthy as he can be – and his diet is the first place to start.

You’ll find a huge range of different dog feeds in our garden centre, from dry complete diets to semi-moist and tinned food. Look for a food specially designed for your dog – if he’s a puppy he’ll need a food designed to help him grow, but if he’s a senior he’ll want something with fewer calories to reflect his slower lifestyle.

Food varies with work, too: if he’s a gundog or sheep dog, he’ll want food with the extra energy to keep up. Whatever your dog’s needs, we have the food to suit. Buy the best feed you can afford: ‘premium’ foods have the best quality ingredients and though they may cost a little more, you don’t need to feed as much so you’ll probably find out it works out around the same. When you switch to a new brand, though, do so gradually over at least a week to give his digestive system a chance to get used to the change in diet.

We also stock a large range of dry and wetfood for dogs, including the brands; Lily’s Kitchen, Barking Heads, Royal Canin Dog, Arden Grange, James Wellbeloved, Aatu, Simpsons Premium and Pedigree.


Sleeping is what cats do best. They spend about a third of their lives fast asleep, curled up in as warm and cosy a spot as they can find. That’s not always where you want them to be, of course: baskets of clean laundry seem particularly tempting! Provide your cat with a heavenly place for forty winks, and they’ll be your friend for life – and your laundry will stay clean, too.

There’s a wide range of beds to choose from in our garden centre, from handsome traditional wicker and easy-to-clean plastic to tuck a washable bed inside, to snuggly quilted mats and cosy cocoons. They come in every colour and pattern you can think of, so you can match your cat’s bed to your decor.

We also stock a large range of dry and wetfood for cats, including the brands; Meowing Heads, Applaws, Royal Canin Cat, Sheba, Felix, James Wellbeloved, Aatu and Hills.

Rodent care

Rodents like mice, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs are lively, curious little things, always on the go, so keep them happy by giving them plenty to do. In our pets department we’ve got a wide range of toys, exercise equipment and other fun things for your rodents: a selection keeps them fit and active and gives them an exciting, stimulating environment to entertain them all day. We have a wide range pet supplies and pet food for rodents in Jersey.

Mice adore climbing, so suspend lengths of rope from the top of their cage. They also enjoy tunneling through tubes or boxes filled with compost. 
Rats are super-intelligent, so give them plenty of toys and challenges: hide treats inside boxes or balls or give them a running wheel to keep them busy. 
Rabbits like to climb, tunnel and dig: give them tubes to run through and boxes they can hop in and out of. A digging pit keeps their paws busy for hours. 
Guinea pigs are big on playing hide-and-seek, so like plenty of boxes, tunnels and hidey-holes to scuttle in and out of. They also love their food: chews and nibble sticks are especially welcomed.

For the best Pet food and pet supplies in Jersey, please visit our store in St. Martin!

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