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Houseplants in Jersey

By Ransoms | 24th February 2021 | 8 min read

Ransoms has a large and often times rare selection of houseplants in Jersey, carefully selected by our indoor plant experts. We will help you pick the perfect plants for your home situation, give care tips and have an excellent houseplant guarantee.

A Garden within the Home

Create a garden inside your house with the lush greenery and flowers of houseplants, and you’ll not only make your house look beautiful, you’ll improve your quality of life. In our garden centre you’ll find handsome architectural palms and ferns for a modern, minimalist look; or pretty African violets, delicate paperwhite daffodils and fragrant stephanotis if shabby chic is more your style. Pick out a good-looking container for your houseplants from the range in our garden centre to really show off their beauty: in the right setting, the impossibly exotic flowers of orchids or the strange, waxy bloom of an anthurium can stop you in your tracks. Houseplants like a bright spot out of direct sunlight and away from radiators. Mist regularly with water to keep humidity high – you’ll find hand misters, along with liquid feed to keep them at their best all season long.

The first thing to work out is how you use your outside space. Do you enjoy hosting parties? If so, lots of seating is needed, or do you prefer to relax in privacy? If you are a sun worshipper a lounge chair is essential and if you a cook and enjoy eating outside as much as possible, a sturdy dining table with appropriate seating is something to consider. 

Our speciality: Orchids for All Year Round

Despite their exotic appearance, orchids are easy-going houseplants. They are quite happy in indoor conditions and require little care for their spectacular displays.

You’ll find popular moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) as well as Cymbidium and showy Odontoglossum in our houseplant department. All have beautiful, long-lasting flowers in colours from white to butterscotch to magenta.

That first flush of flowers isn’t the end of the story: given good conditions a second flowering should follow hot on the heels of the first.

In the wild, orchids grow halfway up rainforest trees, so reproduce their ideal warm, humid conditions in bright but not direct light. Too dry, or too hot, and they’ll refuse to flower.

Water weekly, letting it drain completely and adding specialist orchid fertiliser, also available in our garden centre, once a fortnight.

Phalaenopsis reflower from nodes on the flowering stem, so once the first flowers fade cut back to the topmost node, and keep doing this until you reach the bottom node when you can remove it altogether. Cut out Cymbidium and Odontoglossum flower spikes completely as soon as the flower dies back to encourage more flower spikes.


Cacti are gorgeous, low-maintenance plants for the indoor gardener, so show them off to the max grouped in attractive displays to enhance your home in Jersey.

A cactus garden makes the most of smaller specimens. Choose a selection of different shapes,sizes and colours from the wide range available in our garden centre, looking for contrasts: purple-tinged Euphorbia trigona ‘Rubra’ sets off green columns of Haageocereus beautifully, while tall cacti have more impact when set against squat, sculptural barrel cacti. Broad leaved succulents like Aeoniums also look fabulous paired with spidery stems like those of the pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli).

Wide, shallow bowls or boxes give most scope for letting loose your creativity. Paint trays in bright colours, Mexican style, and create natural-looking scenes by setting your groups of cacti among rocks, grit and sand to mimic a natural landscape.

Place your cactus garden where you can see it, on a windowsill or shelf at least a metre off the ground. You could even place it against a fabulous backdrop of a spectacular Arizona desert, or colourful abstract materials or textiles.

Houseplant Care

Create conditions they need to thrive. Most green houseplants prefer somewhere bright but out of direct sunlight, with steady temperatures and humid air.

Avoid putting houseplants by radiators or on windowsills where temperatures fall sharply on frosty nights. Try standing them on tables or stands, available in our garden centre, in a bright spot near a window.

Water sparingly, letting compost dry out between times, and mist leaves with a hand spray or stand plants in trays of damp gravel to raise humidity.

Add liquid feed every couple of weeks and wipe leaves with cotton wool soaked in tepid water to keep dust from blocking their pores. While you’re at it, check for pests: fuzzy white tufts are a sign of mealybug, while red spider mite cause yellow mottling and fine webs. Spray with insecticidal soap to put things right again.

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