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Herb Baskets

By Ransoms | 22nd February 2021 | 2 min read

Hanging baskets from the range available in our Jersey garden centre make a wonderfully natural setting for bulbs, pansies, primulas but also for all sorts of herbs. It makes a charming gift – and it’s perfect for spoiling yourself, too. Learn everything about Herb Baskets.

Pick out a style and colour that catches your eye, in the largest size you can afford: larger baskets hold more compost, so don’t need watering as often, and you can include a wider range of herbs.

If the basket doesn’t already have a liner, cut polythene to fit and punch holes in it for drainage. This holds in moisture, and also protects the wicker. Then add a layer of gravel for drainage.

Fill your basket with multipurpose compost mixed with a handful or two of horticultural grit – both are available in our garden centre. Then get planting!

Shrubby herbs like rosemary and thyme are fragrant and last years. But leave space for some annuals, too, like spicy basil or French tarragon. You’ll find all these herbs and more to choose from in our garden centre.

Please ask the staff in our Jersey garden centre for more information and advice about choosing baskets and herbs for your display.

Herb Baskets

Herb Baskets

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