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Plant of the Month: Camellia

By Ransoms | 5th January 2022 | 2 min read

Winter time in the garden isn’t as bad as one might think. There is plenty of evergreen and other spectacular sights to keep the eye entertained.
One such beauty is the Camellia. We never tire of the intricate petal growth, which come in many different colours and shapes.
Originally found in Asian countries like China, Japan and in the Himalayas, that brighten up the garden in January to May, with some variant blooming in Autumn.
Whilst Jersey’s climate is well-suited to the Camellia, it does not like cold wind and can be damaged by frost, so you should cover the camellia with breathable material at those times.

Camellia likes lightly acid soil, preferably rich in humus. The plant is best placed in partial shade. Camellias do not like lime, so preferably use rainwater or decalcified water. Water the plant once a week in autumn, and once a month in winter. Gradually increase watering slowly in the spring. That will allow you and your camellia to enjoy many happy years together.

Come marvel at the many beautiful varieties we have in our outdoor plant department. Here is a small selection of some of our favourites:

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