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Best Garden Furniture Guide 2021

By Ransoms | 18th December 2020 | 8 min read

Getting Your Garden Furniture right for you, your space and your lifestyle

Great garden furniture can take your garden to the next level. But choosing the right furniture for you isn’t always straight forward. With so many options available, it’s easy to lose track of what is important for you, your family, your space and your lifestyle. 

With Ransoms Outdoor Furniture guide, the hard work has been done for you and will make it easier for you to choose pieces that are both beautiful and functional. 


The first thing to work out is how you use your outside space. Do you enjoy hosting parties? If so, lots of seating is needed, or do you prefer to relax in privacy? If you are a sun worshipper a lounge chair is essential and if you a cook and enjoy eating outside as much as possible, a sturdy dining table with appropriate seating is something to consider. 

Measure up your space

Taking measurements might not sound like a lot of fun, but it is important to do this before buying to avoid disappointment. When measuring, allow for chairs to be pulled out and being able to walk around the set comfortably. Very important is to consider space for a parasol as well. A parasol should cover people and not just the table! Do a thorough job and don’t forget to take notes that are easily accessible when needed. 


When shopping for the perfect garden furniture sets, what material you’ll pick is one of the most important decisions. Not only does this decide the look, but there are a lot of other factors to consider when going for a certain material, like maintenance and storage requirements. 


Wood is a natural choice that has been around for years and still will be in the years to come. Classic, stylish and will complement most gardens. 

For outdoor use, go for a tough hardwood or treated softwoods like pine that can be kept outside year round. Since wood is a natural product, it will change over time. Although there is a lot to say for the ‘all natural wood look’, if you prefer the ‘new wood look’, it would need a bit of sanding and oiling at the start of the season. 

Another thing to consider with wood is weight. A large wood table is quite heavy. Benefit of this that it will stay put during a summer storm, but it won’t be easy to move it around the garden. 

Resin Weave

Resin weave is immensely popular at the moment and for good reason. It is stylish, there is no maintenance and it can stay outside year round. 

Quality and price vary widely depending on the materials used and the workmanship. There are many types of different weaves, the flat weave being the most affordable and the full round weave being more expensive.

 It is important to check what the frame underneath the weave is made out of. Go for aluminium as this won’t corrode, especially important when living close to the sea like here in Jersey. 

Another thing to consider is the table top. Besides the standard safety glass on top of the weave, there are some more options available these days, like Duraboard or Resysta. Both replicating a wood look, but made out of environmentally friendly materials. Both functional, durable and good looking and can stay outside year round and won’t fade in the sunshine. 

Aluminium / metals

Metal integrates easily into every kind of garden, from country cottage to rooftop terrace, and can be powder-coated for a colour finish. Cast aluminium is strong, durable, and dependant on  finish, it doesn’t rust or flake if left out in wet weather and is generally very low-maintenance. Despite being hardy, it is a very light material, making it portable, perfect if you like rearranging your garden furniture, or simply want to move into the shade when it gets too hot. 

Mixed materials 

A big trend we’ve seen this season are mixed material furniture sets. Concrete or the concrete look is completely on trend, and this mixed with more traditional materials like wood or metal can give your garden a real edge. 

But most importantly, try before you buy! Buying garden furniture is an investment and it is so important that you see, feel and try out your potential investment. No picture will tell you how comfortable it will be, or what the exact colour is like or how soft or hard the seating is. Feeling completely confident in your purchase is so important. 

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