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All peat-free compost in 2023

By Ransoms | 15th March 2023 | 2 min read

At the beginning of 2022 we had set ourselves the goal to be fully peat-free by 2024, but we are very excited to announce we’ve gone fully peat-free in 2023, a year ahead of schedule. You might still see a few old peat compost products here and there, but once they are gone we won’t replace them.

We decided to take this step because using peat comes at a high cost to the environment. Natural bog lands must be preserved, and compost suppliers nation-wide have responded to this, and worked hard to provide amazing alternatives. If you’ve tried peat-free in the past and found some products weren’t great, in most cases, they’ve improved drastically without using up the precious peat resources we have left. Read more about peatlands here and how to grow in peat-free compost.

🌱We encourage everyone to join us go peat-free and try out some of the many peat-free composts we offer.🌱 If you have any questions regarding peat-free alternative, please see our outdoor living team in store, or send us an email through our contact page. We are always very happy to answer any questions and offer help where we can.

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