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Warehouse Manager

DATE POSTED: 28 April 2021

Warehouse Manager

We have a great opportunity for an experienced manager to lead our Warehouse and Delivery Department.  Ransoms is a family run business set in the beautiful Parish of St Martin that offers a great working environment, competitive salary, health scheme, staff discount and free on-site parking.

This interesting and varied role is responsible for managing our warehouse team who check in all incoming stock, manage the warehouse and storage areas, deliver customer orders and maintain our site to the highest standards.

The ideal candidate will have proven experience in managing a team, have great organization skills and be able to cope with a fast paced environment. 

Please e-mail your CV to and quote ‘WAREHOUSE’ in the subject line.


TITLE:                          Warehouse Manager

Department:              Warehouse & Deliveries

Reporting To:             Shop Manager

Job Summary: To manage and work with the Warehouse team in delivering a fast, accurate and well-ordered stock management system (covering incoming stock, stock storage and out-going stock). To oversee the construction and delivery of sold items to customers premises. To manage the day to day upkeep, maintenance and general tidiness of the site.

Job Detail:

Stock Arrivals

  • To liaise with shipping companies to plan deliveries of stock and where necessary chase shipments due to be brought up from the docks.
  • To ensure all deliveries are correctly signed for with initial checks for damage, outer quantities being made.
  • To ensure all unchecked off goods are marshalled in the correct area prior to checking off.
  • To ensure the checking off of goods is done in a timely manner, working within business priorities to set the check off order.
  • To ensure the goods are checked off using the agreed procedure printing out the required paperwork liaising with the buyers as necessary to accept/reject any items not on the order.
  • To raise stores claims for damages/short dates as required
  • To cross check the Goods Received Note against the deliver paperwork to identify any missing items (and re-check to ensure we have not received them).
  • To ensure, where agreed, that all items are priced in the store or agree with the retail supervisors to price the items in the shop if the warehouse is busy.
  • To arrange with Area Supervisors to either collect the stock, deliver the stock to the department or store the stock.
  • To send the completed paperwork to the office for price checking and accounts processing.
  • To advise the relevant department that the goods have been checked off and are available for collection.
  • Where stock arrives on Danish Trolleys to ensure the correct “trolley receipt” paperwork is completed on arrival and to manage the return of empty trolleys ensuring “trolley return” paperwork is completed.
  • To manage the claimed for items liaising with the office on when items can be disposed of.


  • To plan out the stock storage requirements with the Area Supervisors prior to stock arriving.
  • To ensure that the stores are always kept clean, tidy and well-ordered with escape routes kept free from obstacles.
  • To ensure all arriving stock that is not to be taken direct to the retail areas is quickly stored in its agreed location with older stock being brought to the front and newer stock put to the back.
  • To ensure any stock returned for the shop floor is put away in its appropriate place on a daily basis.
  • To manage the inventory of both the Poly Tunnels and Storage Containers so it is clear what is in each at any time and that all items of stock, fixtures & fittings or equipment area stored and stacked in the most appropriate manner.
  • Ensure the Tunnels and Containers are only used for stock storage when either it is the defined storage location for the product (sheds & Glasshouses) or it is absolutely necessary due to space constraints.
  • To ensure the “old store” is kept clean, tidy and well-ordered with the required space left available for stock waiting to go into the retail areas.
  • To ensure any stock allocated to be stored outside, such as compost, is kept well-ordered and in the right place.
  • Ensure all items of stock, display fittings and equipment are always put away in the correct locations.
  • To ensure the construction area is kept clean, tidy and well-ordered at all times.

Construction & Assembly

  • To manage the construction and assembly area with the Information Desk Supervisor to ensure that all items needing to be built prior to delivery are completed in sufficient time for the agreed delivery but not so early that they take up space unnecessarily.
  • To manage the construction of display items for the retail departments.
  • To allocate resources to the construction / assembly area as and when needed.
  • To ensure that the construction area is kept clean and tidy and that all equipment and materials needed to carry out normal construction are topped up.

Customer Deliveries/Collections

  • To liaise with the Information Desk Supervisor on the availability of delivery slots.
  • To work with the drivers to ensure each days delivery schedule is planned out to be the most time effective routing.
  • To work with the drivers to plan the day’s workload in terms of need for a drivers mate or an additional driver. Also to ensure the primary driver is available for other tasks other than the delivery schedule when the schedule permits.
  • To ensure each delivery vehicle’s inventory is checked as correct prior to leaving site.
  • To liaise with customers and driver on expected times of arrival.
  • To control all on-site collections of stock ensuring customers collecting goods have detailed paperwork supporting the purchase of all items handed over.

Site Maintenance & Cleaning

  • To ensure routine site maintenance task are carried out in a pro-active way (cleaning gutters, replacing bulbs etc.).
  • To carry out a weekly site inspection identifying additional maintenance & cleaning requirements.
  • To  manage the disposal of on-site rubbish including the emptying of public bins, the management of skips, the weekly parish rubbish collections and the weekly removal of bulky items to the dump by Company vehicles.
  • To manage the clearance and cleanliness of all non-retail areas ensuring there is no unauthorised fly-tipping or abandoned items left around the site.
  • To liaise with internal and external resources regarding weed spraying programs.
  • To liaise and control external contractors brought in under agreed terms to manage the flowerbeds and grassed areas.
  • To manage the workload and schedule of the in-house cleaner and appointed cleaning contractors.
  • To ensure all purchasing of consumables for cleaning and maintenance remain within the agreed budget.
  • To ensure all vehicles & forklifts are inspected and checked daily to ensure in full working order and are kept clean and maintained to a high standard at all time.
  • To ensure all periodic inspections of equipment are carried out in accordance with agreed schedules.
  • To liaise with contractors regarding works approved in advance by the management.

Traffic Management

  • To monitor how busy the carpark is at weekend and during busy period and to deploy traffic marshals as and when required to maximise on-site parking spaces.
  • To ensure the overspill carpark is prepared ready for use as and when required.
  • To ensure employees allocated to traffic marshal duties fully understand the role.

On-Site Shop Fitting

  • To liaise with the Shop Management and Visual Merchandiser to provide assistance for the construction and painting of various items of shop fittings and displays in preparation for seasonal changes.
  • To liaise with the Shop Management and Visual Merchandiser to provide assistance for the dismantling and storage, and general moving around of stop fittings to enable the promotion of seasonal product ranges.

General Tasks

  • To assist in stock taking as required.
  • To assist in other departments with tasks within the employees abilities.
  • Adherence to and promotion of all Health & Safety rules and regulations.
  • Adherence to and promotion of all HR rules, regulations and guidelines.

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