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Warehouse Assistant

DATE POSTED: 2 March 2021

Warehouse Assistant / Relief Delivery Driver required to work in the Garden Centre warehouse checking off incoming deliveries, preparing stock for the shop and to occasionally assist in the delivery of customer orders. Applicants must be physically fit and have a friendly outgoing nature. Excellent spoken & written English is essential. Quote WAREHOUSE on applications which should be emailed to with current CV.


TITLE: Warehouse Assistant

Department: Warehouse

Reporting to: Warehouse Supervisor

Job Summary:
To accurately Book In arriving goods into the Stock System. To record shortages and damages and follow up on these as required. To pick stock from the warehouse for outgoing deliveries and shop floor requirements and to assist in replenishing the shop floor. To keep the warehouse and general premises neat and tidy at all times, to occasionally assist with the delivery of goods to customers and help with carpark control during busy times.

Job Detail:

Stock Arrivals

  • To receive and where required assist with the unloading of all deliveries ensuring they are correctly signed for with initial checks for damage and number of outer quantities being made.
  • To marshal all unchecked off goods to the correct area prior to detailed checking off.
  • To book in goods in a timely manner following the priorities set by the Warehouse Manager or other Management.
  • To checked off the goods using the agreed procedures and printing out the required,  paperwork liaising with the buyers as necessary to accept/reject any items not on the order.
  • To raise stores claims for damages/short dates as required.
  • To cross check the Goods Received Note against the deliver paperwork to identify any missing items (and re-check to ensure we have not received them).
  • To apply prices to arriving goods as required.
  • To follow instructions from the Warehouse Manager regarding whether checked off stock is to be put in the holding area for collection by the department, delivered to the department or put away in the agreed location in the stock.
  • To advise the relevant department that the goods have been checked off and are available for collection.
  • Where stock arrives on Danish Trolleys to ensure the correct “trolley movement” paperwork is completed on arrival and on the return of the trolleys to the supplier.


  • To be fully aware of the layout of the warehouse and what stock should be stored in what location.
  • To ensure that the warehouse is always kept clean, tidy and well-ordered with escape routes kept free from obstacles.
  • To ensure all arriving stock that is not to be taken direct to the retail areas is quickly stored in its agreed location with older stock being brought to the front and newer stock put to the back.
  • To ensure any stock returned from the shop floor is put away in its appropriate place on a daily basis.
  • To ensure the inventory of both the Poly Tunnels and Storage Containers are kept neat and tidy and that everything is stored in the agreed place. 
  • To report daily to the Warehouse Manager if any items have been put in the wrong place by other departments.
  • To ensure the “old store” is kept clean, tidy and well-ordered with the required space left available for stock waiting to go into the retail areas.
  • To ensure any stock allocated to be stored outside, such as compost, is kept well-ordered and in the right place.
  • Ensure all items of stock, display fittings and equipment are always put away in the correct locations.
  • To ensure the construction area is kept clean, tidy and well-ordered at all times.

Construction & Assembly

  • To carry out the construction and assembly of items required to fulfil customer orders in an accurate and efficient manner.
  • To complete the necessary paperwork and update systems showing construction progress.
  • To produce the daily construction work requirement lists.
  • To carry out the construction of display items for the retail departments.
  • To ensure that the construction area is kept clean and tidy at all time with all items for delivery clearly labelled.
  • To advise the Manager of any requirements for consumable or other equipment in plenty of time to enable them to be ordered .


  • To assist customers with on-site collections of stock ensuring they have detailed paperwork supporting the purchase of all items handed over.

Site Maintenance & Cleaning

  • To carry out all routine site maintenance tasks on a scheduled and request basis (cleaning gutters, replacing bulbs etc.).
  • To report any damages, untidy areas, items being put in the wrong place etc. to the supervisor so they can be addressed.
  • To  assist in the disposal of on-site rubbish including the emptying of public bins, the management of skips, moving the bins for the weekly parish rubbish collections and the weekly removal of bulky items to the dump by Company vehicles.
  • To ensure that all non-retail are kept clean and clear of rubbish/junk and are always looking well ordered.
  • To assist in providing absence cover for some of the in-house cleaners duties.
  • To carry out daily vehicles & forklifts inspections and period inspections of other agreed equipment.

Traffic Management

  • To carry out traffic marshal duties as and when required to maximise on-site parking spaces.
  • To prepare the overspill carpark ready for use as and when required.

On-Site Shop Fitting

  • To provide assistance to the retail staff in the construction and painting of various items of shop fittings and displays in preparation for seasonal changes.
  • To provide assistance to the retail staff in the dismantling, storage and general moving around of stop fittings to enable the promotion of seasonal product ranges.

Drivers Tasks

  • To pick stock from various locations, if required, to fulfil customer orders.
  • To load the delivery vehicles to match the inventory list of each delivery round.
  • To ensure that all vehicles are independently checked for accuracy before the y leave site.
  • To request when absolutely necessary the assistance of a “Drivers Mate” or the deployment of a “2nd Driver” and to ensure these are released back to the warehouse as soon as possible.
  • To manage the drop off route planning for all drivers to ensure maximum productivity.
  • To deliver items to customers contacting them in advance when required to arrange access to premises or advise them of a more accurate delivery time.
  • To carry out all interaction with customers in a friendly and professional manner and be a safe and courteous driver obeying all laws while out in the delivery vehicles.
  • To unload goods at customer’s premises unpacking / part constructing items agreed in advice by the Warehouse Manager.
  • To remove and dump old products and packaging as agreed with the Warehouse Manager.
  • To ensure all delivery paperwork is completed getting customer signatures when customer is present.

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